Cultivating emotional engagement in webdesign

Studies show audiences are a lot less likely these day to remember an advertisement or any kind of promotion unless it engages human emotions. We always try and steer our design and clients toward design and marketing strategy that engages with emotion with the integrity to build trust, to convince and convert. Source: Mixed Feelings […]

Branding as an Emotional Experience

Have you watched a Coca-Cola ad lately? You probably have – they are everywhere. Maybe you saw animated polar bears sliding through the snow, smiling and sharing a Coke. Maybe it was college freshmen making friends over the Coke bottle that can’t be opened by one person. Maybe it was friends sitting on a stoop […]

Spice Up Your Marketing!

Marketing, just like food, needs spicing up. Bland marketing has the same effect on customers as eating a poorly-seasoned meal at a high-end restaurant. They were expecting much more and are extremely disappointed.  Take an honest look at how you are promoting your product or service.  Is your marketing exciting and satisfying, or do your […]

How to do Effective Keyword Research for SEO

Comprehensive keyword research is the most important part of any SEO campaign. You need to use targeted keywords on your website for search engines to rank it when a particular keyword is used. Your entire SEO campaign, including both on- and off-site optimization, will revolve around your chosen keywords. Therefore, you must ensure that you […]

Your SMB Needs an SEO Marketing Strategy

You’re devoting hard work and long hours to the success of your small- to medium-sized business (SMB). You’ve carefully analyzed your situation as a a SMB owner and realized that your business is much more likely to grow and flourish when it is well marketed. Without an Internet presence, your business is, for all practical […]

Tips to Grow Your Business Using Social Media

Social media helps businesses connect with consumers, but it can also help businesses grow. While many business have a Facebook, Twitter, or Linked accounts, many don’t utilize it as well as they should. Here’s some ways to use social media to help your business grow. Connect Your Social Media Accounts Consumers expect businesses to be […]

The importance of retaining your visitors

Most people make the mistake of focusing on visitors, when emphasis should be given on retention and bounce rates. These terms may seem alien to you, but if you are looking to improve upon your site, they may prove invaluable. The number of visitors coming into your site, while giving you some understanding of your […]

The Time Is… Now!

Mobile internet is now well in excess of desktop use (over 60%). Let’s think about that for a moment… Plus recently, Google changed it’s algorithm to make mobile friendly sites appear higher in searches and those that aren’t lower (and certainly not on first page results). Now let’s ponder both of these facts for a […]

Web Design & SEO in 2015

When you look back at 2014, you can see some of the spectacular trends that came up regarding web design, such as the parallax effects, the code free design platforms, the single paged sites and a number of others. We are moved to speculate what’s coming up for the rest of 2015, especially with the […]

Our Own Social Media Marketing Platform, LIVE!

Social media can be really powerful for business, especially B2C public facing companies with direct product or service. Some find it difficult engage it or justify the time required to do it properly. That’s why we’ve partnered with a team of professional social media writers and created a platform to help out. Today we launch […]

5 Reasons to Focus on Mobile Marketing this Year

The use of mobile smart phones has exploded over the last few years and is expected to grow and exceed laptop traffic this year. By ignoring the mobile market, you will be falling behind your competition.   In order to continually create brand awareness and both increase and strengthen your customer base, you need to […]

8 Twitter Tricks That Bring in Business

Twitter gives you one hundred and forty characters to make an impression – not a lot! Many businesses make simple mistakes that cost them significantly in customer engagement and retention.   By being savvy and selective with how and when you Tweet, you can avoid some of these pitfalls and see your follower count soar. […]

Learn to Think on Paper

The very act of putting your ideas on paper forces you to think. I take advantage of this practice constantly. Every morning, I get up before dawn and drink coffee while I write my ideas out on legal pads in longhand. I might have a whole stack of them in front of me, where I […]

7 Marketing Trends for 2014

Marketing campaigns and information dissemination are continuing to evolve from print media to online trends. And similar, there continues to be a shift from offline communication technologies to inbound ones.   Businesses are finding more and more success with content and original publishing channels online than with advertisements within content. Additional tactics include magnifying brand […]

Three Public Relations Tips for 2014

So the holidays are here and just around the corner is the New Year, 2014. Can you believe that 2013 is almost already over? Every year, there are certain trends and perks of the business that is franchise public relations that change. With that being said, here are 3 tips for the new year that […]

Google Hummingbird Algorithm Update

In recent years, Google has really worked on improving the function of its search algorithms to offer maximum benefit to the users. The new Hummingbird update has entirely changed the SEO game. Earlier SEO firms focused on acquiring the numerous backlinks. However, with the inception of Penguin as well as Panda a new trend of […]

WordPress – The Best Solution for Your Website

As of September 2012, 60 million websites use WordPress. According to a report released by, 22 percent of the top one million websites are on WordPpress. Judging by these trends, WordPress has definitely created a strong niche for itself in the web arena. This platform could be the best solution for your website as […]

Brand Marketing Storytelling Tips

“The audience will not tune in to watch information. You wouldn’t, I wouldn’t. No one would or will. The audience will only tune in and stay tuned in to watch drama.” These words by American playwright, screenwriter, and director, David Mamet, have been taken to heart by marketing professionals everywhere. In marketing, storytelling has the […]

Rebranding your Business

What possibly started as a fledgling business has now spread its wings and grown into a robust enterprise. Now, you want your customers to renew their perceptions about your business, and not relate to you as the fledgling business you once were. One good way to project your newfound status is to rebrand your business. […]

The High Cost of Low Quality Branding

Converting your product or service into a brand is sure to give your business the recognition it needs. A suitable logo design can take things further. Some of the biggest companies and businesses rely on their logos to represent them in the market. And it is not without reason. If your current logo and branding […]

Is Your Website Designed For Conversion?

Many people forget that visitors frequent sites that they are comfortable navigating and not just flashy ones loaded with graphics. If your website succeeds in getting constant responses from visitors, it then has a successful conversion rate. If not, it’s time to brush up your marketing skills and review your website’s design flaws. Your website […]

Choosing a Web Designer

In an ocean of choice out there, you need a web designer who can steer you clear of the rocks and shoals and deliver you to success and profitability.   After all, the reason you have a website is to expose your business to a broader audience, attract more clients, and grow your enterprise. You […]

Are you A Trendsetter or a Follower?

There are many articles written about what you must do to market a business successfully.  The only problem is, there are many people who follow these suggestions and fall flat on their faces.  Every day people are given the same set of must dos:  start a website, get into social marketing, network, blog, and so […]

Minimalist Marketing for Designers

Being prime grounds for marketing campaigns, the Internet has spawned the need for Web design that in itself advertises. Thus, graphic and Web designers need also be marketers – if this wasn’t true enough before, today’s cyber era makes it a staple, though unwritten, notion.   Graphic designers now need to be knowledgeable advertisers aside […]

The Effort of Branding or Rebranding Your Business

The standard theory of defining your business through your logo and pamphlets alone has been taken to a new level more recently.  Today the term “branding” is everywhere.  It means creating a visual profile of your business that is backed up with tangible action and proof. Your branding profile should be so specific that when […]

Improve SEO by doing Competitor Website Analysis

As part of your website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) work, you may be visiting competitor websites to do competitor website analysis, but what do you look for? You are studying competitor websites to see how they get organic page one search results, so that you can apply some of the same techniques to the search […]

Powerful Branding Is More Than A Logo

The framework of an efficient branding system is a vision. Vision is translated into a brand and that brand is used in various communication methods to project a message to a market and the consumers. That’s how the process works but in reality, it’s not as simple as it seems. There are many factors involved […]

Small Business Website Marketing

There are thousands of businesses based on the capabilities of the web and the connectivity to the world available online. Most of these businesses have at least a viable plan for utilizing the power of the web. There are websites that offer entertainment and earn revenue from advertising. Some sites offer waress and services for […]

SEO Basics: Backlink Quality

Backlinks – links from other websites which lead to your own website – are among the most valued components of SEO. Their most immediate effect is that they bring additional traffic to your website, but they are significant because of their impact on search rankings. However, not all backlinks are built the same. It is […]

Web Design is an Art

Web site designers over the past couple of decades have generated web sites where visitors hail a big wow of approval or a low growl of disappointment. Regardless of whether it is considered a good design or a bad design, web site design has become an art form in and of itself. Every type of […]

WordPress Design & Customisation

Looking for WordPress design & customisation? WordPress has fast become the most widely used and flexible open source web platform. Far from it’s beginnings as a blogging platform, it is now used as a content management system on hundreds of thousands of sites. The reasons for using WordPress as opposed to a bespoke build are […]